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CNIPMMR Departamentul Proiecte - Servicii
Distant hills appear green.(Irish Proverb)
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Services provided by DP:
Steps for accessing these services:
Training courses organised by DP
  Services provided by DP:
  • Information
    • Providing information regarding to non-reimbursable financing opportunities for SMEs
    • Providing information on crediting opportunities for SMEs
    • Warning services on new funding opportunities
  • Training
    • Initiation project management
    • Communication skills improvement:
      • Written communication:
        • reports, project proposalso Oral communication:
        • presentation
  • Advice and guiding
    • guidance services for filling-in a funding application:
      • Advice for project idea assessment
      • Assistance for funding opportunities selection
      • Verification of the eligibility criteria, regarding the organisation, the project idea
      • Guidance for partners’ search
      • Advice for project proposal submissio
  • Other support services
    • organisation diagnosis and guidance for selecting alternative funding opportunities: reimbursable or non-reimbursable funding
    • identification of specific funding programmes or of some specialized funders
    • Providing information packages for project proposal submission
    • Advice for contacting certain funding organisations
    • Advice for contacting potential partners
    • Coordination of the project proposal development, made in partnership with other organisations
    • Project management


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