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European International Network for Entrepreneurial Training and Support - EINET
(Decembrie 2001 - Decembrie 2004)
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Finantatorul proiectului:  
Leonardo da Vinci
Parteneri in proiect:
1. Consiliul National al Intreprinderilor Private Mici si Mijlocii din Romania (CNIPMMR)
Adresa: Str. Valter Maracineanu, nr. 1-3, intrarea 1, Sector 1, 010155, Bucuresti, Romania

Telefon: +40 21 312 6893

Fax: +40 21 312 9198


Pagina web:

Scopul proiectului:
EINET's primary goals are to further develop a transnational network to:
- Promote and reinforce the contribution of enterprise training and business start-up and development training to innovation, competitiveness, entrepreneurship and the creation of new employment possibilities.
- Raise the quality, develop innovative methods and curricula and provide a transnational dimension to enterprise (entrepreneurial) education, training and support.
- Promote investment in human resources as a regional development strategy and as a business development strategy.
- Promote transparency in accreditation including promoting new forms of certification and validation of professional experience in the area of entrepreneurial training.
- Develop new approaches to lifelong learning in the area of enterprise and business start-up training, including a transnational dimension emphasizing equal opportunities and the development of generic skills aimed at the new working and social environments.
Obiectivele proiectului:
- Establish EINET - with partners at 4 levels, transnational, national, regional and local level.
- Establish a center of expertise.
- Facilitate the establishing enterprise education based on high quality standards.
- Create network support for enterprise education / training and business creation at all levels.
- Ceate a technical platform to include a virtual training campus to give as many individuals as possible access to enterprise and innovative training and professional support.
- Synthesize programmes and existing knowledge to disseminate it to as broad an audience as possible.
- Increase the number of users during the project period, both partners and trainees / enterprise students and offer them a pro-active network serving their interests.
Grupuri tinta:
- Regional / local authorities, Trade organisations, Employers' organisation, SMEs, Vocational training centers.
- Universities / Colleges, University Enterprise Centers, Research Centers, BICs, Public Authorities, Upper Secondary Schools.
The goals will be achieved by the EINET network through the dissemination of experience, programmes and curricula and the promotion of innovative approaches.
This will be done:
- By providing access to a forum of European expertise within the area of enterprise education and training and developing entrepreneurship.
- Through establishing a multi-leveled network with a Center of Expertise, an Internet based Virtual Platform, a National "Core Partner" Unit, Regional "Permanent Relay Points" within each Partnership country and a local/regional network of different "Occasional correspondents"
- By providing an EINET technical platform that will provide a database, web-site and "Virtual Training Village", where target groups can get access to training schemes, training, information, products and advice and support.
- By adaptation of enterprise education and training and business start-up and development training programmes and materials for a variety of disadvantaged target groups.
The goals will be achieved by the EINET network through the dissemination of experience, programmes and curricula and the promotion of innovative approaches.
The partnership is composed by 38 organisations from 17 countries: Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia and UK.
The organisations types are: SME, Group or association of companies, Employer organisation, Joint body, Training organisation, University, University Enterprise Training Partenership, Chamber of commerce and industry and Public authorities.
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