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N.E.T. - New E-Tools - New tools for blended permanent learning to develop technical skills of low qualified SME's workers
(Octombrie 2006 - Martie 2008)

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  The third international partnership meeting has been organized by CNIPMMR and it took place in Bucharest on June 29th and 30th. The meeting took place at CNIPMMR headquarters located in 1-3 Valter Maracineanu sq, 1st floor. The project partners participated at this 2 day meeting together with the trainers who will test the Training Units.
  On the first day the Training units storyboards elaborated by 5 of the partners were presented. SMILE association presented the storyboard for “Information Technology” Training Unit; CNIPMMR presented the storyboard for “Problem Solving” Training Unit; CSPMI presented the storyboard for “Mechanical Drawing” Training Unit; AKADEMIE UEBERLINGEN presented the storyboard for “Numerically Controlled Machine Tools” and CREA presented the storyboard for “Systems Mechanical Assembly”.
  Presentation of storyboards was followed by University of Bologna’s presentation of trainers training course (tutor on-line). After this, the same partner leaded the first part of trainers training.
  University of Wales Bangor presented to the participants the stage of Training unit insertion into the Moodle platform and the facilities offered by this platform for development of on-line courses.
  At the end of the first day of the meeting University of Bologna presented a draft version of quality control grids relative to quality monitoring of e-learning products. Through this grid all partners shall assess the quality of the products of project’s Phase 6.
  The second day of the meeting began with ANUP’s presentation of quality monitoring reports for completed phases of the project
  The meeting continued with the second part of trainers training lead by University of Bologna.
  The last part of the meeting was dedicated to discussing and establishing deadlines for undergoing and future actions.


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